Saturday, August 25, 2018

Friday challenge with Room 8

We learnt and played a new game against Room 8 on Friday! No winner this time as it was a practise. Bring on the challenge next Friday!


  1. Hi, my name is Ariana, I am a student at Ohaeawai Primary School. We played that game for our procedural writing that we have been learning. We had to write the instructions for how to play.
    Do you like the game? How many times have you played?
    We have only played once but I hope we can do it again for our procedural writing.
    if you would like to view Team Awa's blog here is the code

  2. Hi my name is Elise and I go to Ohaeawai Primary School. Team Awa played the same game as that today, but not class verse class like you. Instead we played team verses team. We had to write about how to play it for our procedural writing. If you would like to see Team Awa's blog it is


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